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ELTRON TECHNOLOGIES - Technical Sales and Manufacturer's Representative 
For established manufacturers of electronic enclosure solutions and integration services for the electronic system industry including indoor and outdoor custom cabinets, chassis and sub-rack products, servers, LCD displays, power, electronic system cooling, wiring, cabling, connectors, latches, handles and integration for industrial, Telecom, Military and Aerospace

Our clients service the OEM, Military, Aerospace, Telecom, Datacom, Medical and Industrial

We are proud supporters of Homeland Security and our Military Services


Our Clients provide products and services for electronic system enclosure solutions including:

    • Full System integration services
    • Logistic and fullfillment services
    • Electronic equipment enclosures, cabinets and accessories
    • Subracks, Chassis and Backplanes, accessories
    • Ruggedized LCD panels for on-board, air-borne and land based system applications
    • Ruggedized defense enclosures and chassis
    • Handheld rugged outdoor computer laptops and notebooks
    • Electronic equipment cooling solutions including Heat Exchangers and Air Conditioners
    • Specialty base station cooling solutions
    • Custom build-to-print enclosures and cabinets
    • Ruggedized, Sealed, Low Power Consumption Computing, Servers and Intelligent Displays
    • cPCI, VME, VME64 enclosure solutions
    • Interconnect technology for the commercial, industrial and aerospace industry
    • Cable Assembly services for the Military and Commercial Interconnect Industry
    • Enclosure Latches, Handles, Hinges, Locks

The manufacturers represented have extensive exposure in the industry providing system enclosure solutions to meet Mil-Aero as well as industrial applications